Interview with Vincent Lognay, project manager at Engie
Mr Lognay, how would you qualify the cooperation with Beumer Group?
Vincent Lognay: The cooperation was based on trust right from the beginning. We were also convinced by the excellent price-performance ratio. The Beumer Group team also took care of all other aspects of this project, including the compliance with official regulations and the particularly challenging assembly, sometimes across deep valleys.
How did the Beumer Group master these challenges?
Vincent Lognay: The Beumer Group deployed three teams. We needed a safe conveying system design, that would prevent any environmental impact and noise pollution during the bulk material transport, so in the first team employees of the local authorities worked in close cooperation with the Beumer Group experts. The second team was made up of ten Beumer Group employees that assembled the system, which presented itself as quite a challenge, in this picturesque, yet also quite hilly environment. Special cranes and helicopters were used for the assembly work. The system supplier assigned the third team for this: the Heliswiss International AG from Küssnacht, Switzerland.
They provide transport and construction flights with heavy lift helicopters.
What were the biggest challenges during the installation?
Vincent Lognay: Extremely precise flight manoeuvres were necessary so that the technicians could safely assemble the elements suspended from the helicopter to the steel structure. In order to bolt the components together, the pilot had to guide them exactly over the bore holes of the connecting piece. The Beumer Group employees were on platforms attached to cranes in heights of up to 45 m – very impressive. The entire jobsite team handled this task perfectly.
What was the time frame for this project?
Vincent Lognay: The work began in April 2016, commissioning already took place in October. The Beumer Group supplied everything from one single source. Interfaces could be omitted. Together we were able to comprehensively support the Engie Eletcrabel energy supplier.
Does this mean that the collaboration is now terminated?
Vincent Lognay: No, the Beumer Group’s extensive Customer Support ensures a high level of system availability even after commissioning. If necessary, the Beumer Group service staff will go to Flémalle in order to make the necessary adjustments and prevent malfunctions and machine breakdowns, which would lead to long downtimes.