April 1960, this date marks a milestone in the history of the HAVER Group. In the same year the Beatles revolutionized the music scene with their legendary concert in the “Indra Club” in Hamburg, the first HAVER ROTO-PACKER® went into operation at the Phoenix Cement Works in Beckum/Germany and its worldwide success story began. This important date was commemorated on August 30th, 2010 at HAVER & ­BOECKER’s corporate head office in Oelde/Germany ( Fig. 1 ).

Since then, over 3500 HAVER ROTO-PACKERs have been sold worldwide, with its technology constantly breaking new grounds especially in respect to the impeller filling system, the integrated electronic weighing system HAVER MEC®, the automatic control and high bag filling capacities. This makes the proprietary name „ROTO-PACKER®“ today a synonym in the industry for all rotating valve bag filling machines with 3-16 filling spouts (Fig. 2).

The history of the HAVER ROTO-PACKER® in India began in 1964, when the first system was installed at Chettinad ­Cement Corporation in Karur. Today HAVER & BOECKER is active in India through its own daughter company HAVER IBAU INDIA Pvt. Ltd. Joining the forces of the two Group companies HAVER & BOECKER and IBAU Hamburg, ­HAVER
IBAU INDIA Pvt. Ltd. offers solutions from silo infeed up to the dispatch of cement. From its location in Vadodara/Gujarat HAVER IBAU INDIA Pvt. Ltd. provides easy and exclusive access to the original HAVER and IBAU technology when it comes to storing, handling, packing and dispatching cement and related materials. Its product range covers complete solutions as well as a wide variety of single equipment such as the IBAU screw pump, vibrating screening machines, automatic bag placers and the HAVER ROTO-PACKER®.

With its inauguration in December 2008, the company brought its newest ROTO-PACKER® family member, the HAVER ROTOCLASSIC®, to India. Meeting the increasing market demand for machine availability, higher capacities, and higher flexibility to different packing plant requirements, this new generation follows a complete modular design. Simply spoken, each filling module itself can be seen as a single-spout machine optionally expanded or equipped with various accessories. The design of the newly developed filling modules allows an easy and quick replacement of the most common wear and tear parts, reducing the average inspection and maintenance time up to 70??%. With the modules being removable, the machine can thereby even remain in operation during the servicing or maintenance work. Available from 4–16 spouts, the capacities of the HAVER ROTOCLASSIC® are approx. 10??% higher than the pervious models, reaching from 1300 up to 5200 bags/hr (50 kg). At the same time, the outer diameters of the higher capacity machines could be reduced by 20??%, offering the possibility of installing higher capacity machines where today lower capacity machines are installed without necessarily having to do major modifications to the buildings structure.

The first Indian cement producers will experience the advantages of this cutting-edge technology, having the first machines already been delivered out of India with their installation following shortly.

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