Doubrava Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG  is a private owned company founded about 60 years ago by Mr. Eric Doubrava, the father or the present CEO Mrs. Veronika Doubrava-Plankensteiner. In the last 60 years Doubrava has attained huge experience in different customer applications such as concrete mixing plants, processing technology, material handling systems, environmental engineering and last but not the least dry mortar and plaster plants.  
The two main divisions of Doubrava with an annual turnover of about 75 – 80 million € are: – Industrial plants:dry mortar plants, wet mortar/plaster plants, concrete mixing plants (for ready-mix and pre-cast concrete), material handling/mineral processing plants) and – Construction: civil construction, civil engineering and construction in conjunction with industrial plants, building construction, project management, property developer.  
Combining the synergies throughout Doubrava with decades of expertise in both fields Doubrava is able to provide a total service concept (turnkey). Doubrava has built about 140 dry mortar installations and about 350 concrete plants all over the world, to the whole satisfaction of our customers, because Doubrava is known for plant configuration that is tailor made according to customer requirements and high quality process equipment manufactured at Attnang/Austria. The demands concerning quality, delivery dates and in particular after sales service, makes Doubrava a leading company in all our fields of activity. Well known clients of Doubrava are for e.  g.:- ­ARDEX, STO, KNAUF, HOLCIM, MAPEI; Röfix, Hasit, Baumit, Schwenk, Maxit, Saint-Gobain Weber, Fixit, Dionyssomarble, Atlas, RHI, Märker, etc. (Figs. 1–3).  


Polytech Automation Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in India during the year 2000 as an engineering company with a focus on Processes Plant requirements of infrastructure/construction industry in general. Polytech since inception has gained tremendous mileage in terms of technology up gradation, client satisfaction, financial milestones, to name a few. The company has two state of art manufacturing facilities. Unit I is an industrial plot of about two acres in Bangalore(Unit I) and Unit II is an industrial plot of about nine acres. The company has a total workforce of more than 300 qualified people. The company is engaged in manufacture and supply of equipments such as concrete batching plants & transit mixers utilised in infrastructure building projects. The company has a wide customer base all over India. Construction Industry which is the core of the infrastructure sector has always witnessed prioritized spending from the government as well as the private sectors over the years. Though the economic meltdown had a huge impact on the construction industry, the current scenario indicates trends of major recoveries which have the probability of conversion into huge sales potential for the industry and more particularly for Polytech because of its already established track record and the orders on pipeline from its major clients.

Doubrava Polytech JV

Doubrava Austria has a joint venture (JV) with Polytech Automation Pvt. Ltd., in ­Bangalore/India, namely Doubrava Polytech India Pvt. Ltd. mainly of course for the local Indian market but also for the Asian and Middle East region. Doubrava, in collaboration with Polytech in India which augers wells for the company from the strategic long term perspectives. The JV will be basically to explore markets for newer products like dry mortar applications, special concrete batching plants for dams and material handling equipments. The initial phases envisaged under the proposed JV are for setting up marketing and design team for an existing market. The JV assures to deliver the same standards of quality concerning the above activities from ­Doubrava Polytech India Pvt. Ltd.


The MobiCon plants have been developed for use on large construction sites such as e.g. tunnel projects, road construction, civil and structural engineering projects etc. Due to their sophisticated and high quality standards and very stable value they are often also used as stationary plants. In line with today’s market requirements, two models have been developed in this product line: MobiCon S with the storage of aggregates in silos and MobiCon R as linear dosing stations feed by wheel loader or belt conveyor. Due to the modular container design, different plant concepts, up to 850 m3 of aggregate storage and mixer sizes of up to 4 m3 compacted concrete per batch can be realised. The electrical, water and pneumatic installations are factory preinstalled.


The StaMix plants  have been developed for use as stationary plants. Due to their sophisticated and high quality standards, they are very popular in the Asian market. ­Different plant concepts, from 35 up to 280 m3 of aggregate storage and mixer sizes of up to 4 m3 compacted concrete per batch can be realised.

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