600 t of CO2 saved by using waste heat at Hans G. Hauri KG

Hans G. Hauri KG, a family-owned company based in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, specialises in the quarrying and refining of volcanic rocks from the Kaiserstuhl region and limestone from local quarries. Since 2017, Hauri has also been producing highly reactive quicklime at its Merdingen site with a newly built Maerz PFR kiln.

Known for their innovativeness, Hauri’s process engineers came up with a concept to save energy in their grinding-drying process. In cooperation with Maerz Ofenbau AG, a system was developed that makes it possible to channel all the waste gases from the PFR kiln into the grinding-drying plant. By using the waste heat, about 3.5 million kWh of natural gas or, in other words, about 600 t of CO2 can be saved annually.

Maerz Ofenbau AG has accompanied the project from the beginning and supported Hans G. Hauri KG with engineering, material supply and personnel for the commissioning. In order to maintain the high safety level of the existing plant, Maerz Ofenbau AG prepared a risk analysis for functional safety in the first phase. The results of this analysis were then incorporated into the design of the process and measurement technology as well as the control of the plant.


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