A decade of Märker and Geda

Having worked together for many years, construction and industrial lift manufacturer Geda GmbH and Märker Zement GmbH are continuing their partnership. Geda has enjoyed an impressive track record with its products in recent years, many of which have been deployed in a number of projects at the cement works. And the company is coming to Märker’s assistance yet again, this time with its Geda 3700 ZP P permanent transport platform.

Märker Zement GmbH, a key player in the stone and earth industry, and Geda GmbH have worked on a number of projects together in the past. Most recently, the companies worked together to construct the new kiln line 8 system in Harburg. Geda supported the project with its Geda BL 2000 Twin. Then, in September 2022, the Geda 3700 ZP P permanent transport platform was installed for service and maintenance works in the clinker cooler building of kiln 8, where it is used for conveying personnel and heavy materials.

Geda and Märker Zement – powerful partners

Every construction site relies on good working partnerships, particularly during projects involving special solutions. When it comes to vertical transportation solutions, Märker Zement and Geda have enjoyed a partnership that goes back around ten years. In 2013, a Geda SH 2000 permanent lift was installed on the old 80-m-high heat exchanger tower. With a speed of 40 m/min, the system easily covers the 68-m lifting height.

One year later, an additional lift – the Geda SH 1000 – was permanently installed on a multi-chamber silo, where it is used for maintenance and repair works that would otherwise be extremely challenging and time-consuming. In 2016, Märker Zement installed the Geda SH 850 – the smallest lift in the SH series to date – for quicklime preparation. All the lifts in the SH series are perfectly adapted to the different conditions required by industry. This is also true of the Geda SH operated by Märker Zement, which was specially designed to meet the requirements of the cement industry. Thanks to Geda’s surface and corrosion protection concept, the lift is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

A Geda BL 2000 Twin was additionally used during construction of the new heat exchanger. In April 2021, the lift was initially built for a lifting height of 20 m. As construction work progressed, however, it grew to a height of 100 m. In September 2022, the Geda BL 2000 Twin was followed by a new addition to the construction site: the Geda 3700 ZP P. In early 2022, the cement works acquired another new permanent lift, with the Geda SH 2500 now being used for service and maintenance works on the major “kiln 8” project in Harburg.

Powerful support from the Geda 3700 ZP P

The best thing about the Geda 3700 ZP P is its large platform, which is capable of transporting heavy and bulky goods with ease. Faced with a choice of four platform variants, Märker Zement opted for platform C, which has dimensions of 2.9 m by 4.05 m and is capable of carrying 3200 kg of material or up to seven people. The biggest platform variant is 2.9 m by 5.0 m in size and has a maximum load capacity of 3000 kg. The Geda 3700 ZP P is guided by two Geda Vario masts, which ensure a smooth ride.

The transport platform lifts personnel and materials on the cooler building of the kiln up to a height of 8 m – although the system is actually capable of reaching a maximum height of 200 m. Our partner had a Geda Comfort Maxi landing safety gate fitted to ensure a safe transition between the platform and building, and the electric double unloading ramp allows for convenient unloading of materials. When installed on a building such as this, the transport platform travels at a speed of 9 m/min.

At Märker Zement’s behest, the Geda transport platform was also painted in a custom colour – white aluminium – rather than the standard blue. Geda not only caters to its customers’ requirements when it comes to requests, painting and delivery, but also prides itself on its fully comprehensive range of after-sales services. This level of customer care – not to mention the company’s 25th anniversary last year – are testament to Geda’s quality and expertise in the supply of transport platforms.


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