Now even closer to the customers

How can customers be optimally served worldwide? Among other approaches, Vecoplan offers a digitalisation concept that it has now expanded to include additional services. The machine manufacturer is also establishing more branches in selected locations. Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Service Division, knows how customers benefit from these changes.

“The control panel plays a special role in the intelligent networking of machines and processes, because it’s indispensable for optimal communication between man and machine,” explains Jochen Pfeil, Head of Business Unit Service at Vecoplan.

Vecoplan also offers a powerful digitalisation concept with its Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC): One component is the modern communication interface VSC.connect. The integrated, intuitive VSC.control panel is a communication medium for the machine’s control system and a live link to the Vecoplan technicians. Vecoplan technicians can use the panel to assist employees with operation and service by connecting to the cloud.

“When service is required, our experts can use this to check the system and get it up and running again perfectly in more than 80 percent of cases,” promises the Divisional Head.

Another possibility: With the support of cameras or data glasses, they look over the shoulder of the customer’s service technician on site and help him step by step with the solution. Vecoplan has also created specially developed service tutorials.

Vecoplan has supplemented its VSC with additional digital services. These include online commissioning, remote service, key performance indicators and access to a media database. Users simply need to network their machines using VSC.connect to use these digital services.

On site – worldwide
When it comes to designing and implementing customer systems, the personal presence of an employee on site makes the work much easier: Communication within the company is more straightforward, and the number of interfaces is reduced. In recent years, Vecoplan AG has established subsidiaries throughout Europe. These have been closely integrated into the Vecoplan Group, bringing sales and service even closer to the customer. The company currently has branches in the USA, United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Italy and Spain.

“Since 2023 we also have a site in France,” says Pfeil. By establishing a Vecoplan France subsidiary, the machine manufacturer is clearly focusing on service and sales. French customers now have on-site support. “Experienced technicians and modern tools are available for service and the after-sales business,” says Pfeil. “We also provide individual service level agreements tailored to customer requirements. Among other advantages, these also offer our customers extended on-call availability.”

Optimised cutting crowns for safe processes
Good service also includes quickly supplying customers with the right components – such as cutting crowns. These components must interact optimally with the counter knife and screen and be matched to the respective input material. Vecoplan constantly invests in its production and continues expanding its vertical manufacturing range. The machine builder also manufactures cutting crowns and performs material analyses in its own Technology Centre, following shredding tests. The cutting crowns and rotor type are selected after the specific material has been individually analysed. “We offer diverse product groups with different properties,” explains Jochen Pfeil.

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Vecoplan AG is a producer and supplier of machines and systems for processing and handling primary and secondary raw materials for material and thermal recycling. These include wood, biomass, plastics, paper, other materials, and household and commercial waste. The company lays the foundation for functioning recycling thanks to its extensive portfolio. Vecoplan supports its customers as a partner for single-machine orders, complex plants, and mega projects. 580 employees currently work at the company’s sites in Germany, the USA, the UK, Spain, Poland, Italy, and France.