Cemex’s waste management business, Regenera, continues to grow

Cemex’s circular waste management business, Regenera, is expanding its operations in Mexico with the opening of a new facility in partnership with leading waste collection company PASA. The partnership between Regenera and PASA will support the central Mexican city of Puebla’s efforts to become a zero-waste city.

Puebla’s solid municipal waste will be sorted at the new joint facility. After separating out all recyclable waste, the remaining waste will substitute fossil fuels at Cemex’s nearby cement plant, a cleaner waste management alternative to landfilling. Approximately 55% of the waste processed is composed of organic matter, which is carbon neutral.

“Regenera’s services contribute to a more sustainable circular economy by recovering energy and recycling minerals from a variety of waste streams,” said Juan Carlos Herrera, Cemex Global Head of Urbanization Solutions. “We’re proud to collaborate in ambitious projects like this one, which seeks to create a zero-waste city. Our solutions are tailor-made to help make this a reality.” 

Regenera and PASA have signed a seven-year agreement which includes a commitment from Cemex to purchase refuse-derived fuel from the joint sorting facility. During its initial phase, beginning in late 2023, the project will manage approximately 20% of the solid municipal waste generated in Puebla, Mexico’s fourth-biggest city. At full scale, expected to happen in late 2025, the project will manage over half of the city’s waste. 

The cement industry, a net consumer of waste, is uniquely suited for a circular economy due to its ability to co-process waste in its production process. The high temperatures of a cement kiln ensure that this process generates no residues or pollutants. Coprocessing benefits society by reducing the use of fossil fuels and, therefore, the CO2 intensity of cement manufacturing as well as decreasing landfill waste, a major source of methane emissions.

Regenera is a leading partner in circularity solutions aiming to contribute to a net positive society, collaborating with organizations from the private and public sectors. It is part of Cemex’s Urbanization Solutions business, a contributor to the development of vibrant, resilient, and sustainable cities through its portfolio of integrated solutions for urban development. Urbanization Solutions has been a driver of EBITDA growth for Cemex. 



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