WO 2023/017550 A1

Fibers cement nanocomposite and
manufacturing method thereof

(22) 07.08.2022

(43) 16.02.2023

(57) A fibers cement nanocomposite comprising a cementitious matrix, a plurality of surface-modified cellulose fibers, and a plurality of silica particles dispersed inside the cementitious matrix. The plurality of surface-modified cellulose fibers comprise cellulose fibers and a plurality of hydrophilic nanosilica particles bonded to outer surfaces of the cellulose fibers.

(71) Asadi, Mohammad, Golestan Province, Bandar-e Gaz Industrial Town, East Talash Blvd, Kargar St. 3. Divar Poshesh Siman part company, Gorgan, 4917888681 (IR)


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