How cement leader AfriSam leverages tech to serve customers and stakeholders

Most businesses strive to achieve economies of scale – the point at which the cost of producing each unit of value decreases as the volume of units increases.

Economies of scale mean greater profitability at lower operating costs. Unfortunately, as businesses scale, so do their levels of complexity. More people and processes ultimately lead to more inefficiencies and added costs that undermine the goal.

This is true in the cement industry and every industry that relies on the cement industry’s products and services.

Cementing connections with eCommerce

AfriSam, a leading construction materials provider, has found a way to counter these challenges.

By leveraging technology, AfriSam is serving its distributors, ready-mix producers, and end-use customers more efficiently and cost-effectively while increasing profits on every sale.

Their solution?

ClickToGo: a customer-facing account access portal designed specifically for the cement, aggregate, and bulk materials industry.

Powered by GoBuild360, the composable eCommerce software provider to the construction industry, ClickToGo integrates AfriSam’s ERP, production, and logistics systems to eliminate manual processes, which lowers costs, and delivers a superior customer experience.

Next level customer service and loyalty

The secure, cloud-based digital platform puts the power of simplicity in the hands of AfriSam‘s loyal customers by eliminating phone calls, emails, and manual order entries.

Available 24/7, the custom-branded portal is accessible on any device and offers customers easy access to a full array of self-service options.

With ClickToGo, AfriSam customers can:

Check their account balance

View and download documents

Request quotes

Place orders

Make payments

Check order status, and

Track deliveries

All with just a few clicks – freeing up hours once lost to manual tasks and non-productive busy work.

Supplemented by personalized support from local AfriSam teams, ClickToGo creates a seamless end-to-end buying experience that saves time, reduces errors, builds brand loyalty, and truly satisfies its customers.

ECommerce advantages

Order with ease

AfriSam’s customers are not confined to standard business hours and don’t have to wait on hold for a customer service representative. Customers have everything they need right at their fingertips.


ECommerce platforms give customers easy access to services anytime, anywhere. This means AfriSam’s downstream suppliers, ready-mix producers, and procurement pros can order materials any time, day or night. And builders can check their order status while on the job site.


Digital platforms simplify complex and time-consuming processes. What might have taken several phone calls, emails, or even physical paperwork can often be accomplished in a few clicks. This saves valuable time for AfriSam’s internal teams and their busy customers downstream.


An eCommerce platform like ClickToGo gives customers direct access to their accounts. Customers can easily manage their orders, track deliveries, and access their account information without contacting a service rep or the accounting department. Busy professionals especially appreciate this level of autonomy.


With all their ordering needs in one place, customers can quickly compare products, check availability, and make purchases on the fly. This saves time and helps drive loyalty and greater sales volume.


By eliminating manual order processing and offering a seamless purchasing experience, AfriSam, and its customers save time and money. The easy ordering experience results in greater customer satisfaction, lower cost of sale, and better profit margins for AfriSam and its customers.

Data Insights

A powerful advantage of eCommerce platforms like ClickToGo is the valuable data they generate. This data enables AfriSam to analyze customer behavior and buying trends, which pave the way for more targeted marketing efforts and personalized engagement.

Moreover, efficiencies gained from technology and automation create opportunities for AfriSam to allocate resources strategically, reducing costs and boosting profitability.


By adopting eCommerce, AfriSam shows its commitment to innovation and staying on top of industry trends. This helps the company differentiate itself from competitors and appeal to customers who value technological advancement and forward-thinking solutions.

Utilizing a digital platform significantly reduces paper waste and lowers the company’s overall environmental impact.

Customers increasingly factor in sustainability when choosing suppliers, so this eco-friendly aspect enhances AfriSam’s brand image and drives customer loyalty.

This effort also builds trust with customers who value innovation and expect the companies they do business with to keep pace with their needs.

Empowering customers with digital tools

With ClickToGo powered by GoBuild360, AfriSam’s customers now have complete access to their supplier and their products from the convenience of their own computer or mobile device.

And by implementing GoBuild360 technology, AfriSam eliminates complexity, manual processes, and inefficiencies that slow down their customers and internal teams.

The result is an instant connection that empowers AfriSam customers, saves time, increases efficiency, and scales AfriSam’s world-class products and services more profitably.



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