CN117776566 (A)

Method for refining zero-carbon cement and co-producing synthesis gas byusing green hydrogen

(22) 22.12.2023

(43) 29.03.2024

(57) The invention discloses a method for refining zero-carbon cement and coproducing synthesis gas by using green hydrogen, which comprises the following steps: decomposing a green hydrogen coupled cement raw material prepared from renewable energy, performing hightemperature emission reduction and synergy to prepare zero-carbon cement, and simultaneously co-producing synthesis gas in situ. Compared with the traditional process of preparing the cement by calcining the cement raw material at high temperature, the method has the advantages that the cement production temperature is greatly reduced, high-added value chemicals are generated in situ in the calcining process, no carbon dioxide is generated, the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects are obvious, the greenhouse effect is greatly relieved, and the production cost is reduced. The preparation of zero-carbon cement and the green low-carbon cycle development of the cement industry are realized.

(71) Univ Beijing Chem Tech; Quzhou Resource Chemical Innovation Res Institute


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