New era?

Dear Readers, There are inflationary talks of a new era, of the need to transform our energy supply in all areas into a CO2 neutral one in the next 20 years, or of the fact that we are at a decisive crossroads or turning point. On the one hand, the frequency of their mention seems excessive to us, on the other hand, fast and effective action is probably the only chance to prevent the sometimes drastic climate phenomena from growing. The cement industry in Europe is facing all these challenges and additionally those of having an economical cement production. In the article “The cement industry in Europe at the crossroads”, Dr. Joachim Harder explains all the parameters for a cement industry of the future (from p. 20).

One of the more energy-intensive steps in cement production is clinker grinding, and possibilities for more energy-efficient methods have long been sought. On the other hand, the clinker-efficient cements, the use of which is a solution approach, e.g. in the VDZ roadmap, usually require intensive grinding to ensure reactivity. In “Study on the production of cements using a multi-stage grinding strategy” starting on p. 38, results of the European Cement Research Academy are presented as examples for the production of two composite cements in cooperation between VDZ and the University of Applied Sciences’ Düsseldorf.

CO2 savings are also the subject of the article “MPS mill now uses waste heat from a PFR kiln, saving 600 t of CO2 annually” (p. 46). In a cooperation between Maerz Ofenbau AG, Zurich/Switzerland and Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, Kaiserslautern/Germany, waste heat recovery could be achieved by modifying e.g. the hot gas generator and the process management. This reduces the consumption of natural gas and CO2 emissions.

Sustainability and reduction of environmental pollution is fortunately now the topic in all parts of the world. An interesting article describes the latest research results of the Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute (TCDRI)’ Tianjin/China under the motto “Application of pollution reduction technology in China’s cement industry”.

On to a new age – Matthias Mersmann draws our attention in his column p. 73 to the fact that we are also privileged to experience and help shape the changes mentioned!

We wish you an interesting time with this ZKG

Dr. Petra Strunk


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