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Find everything you need on industrial fans in our On-line Special at: . Starting soon, the new feature will focus – in English and German – on this diverse range of product groups and topics. It is intended – supplementing the printed edition – to provide even more detailed information on this specialized field, backed up by animations, films, reportage and product data.


Our new On-line Special starts in early March, with comprehensive reports and data on high-capacity and special fans for the cement, lime and gypsum industry. Top priority will be assigned to solutions in the extremely important sectors of energy-efficiency and wear protection. Requirements and technology are described depending on the field of application of the fans. Read, too, on our homepage, about the special solutions of process fans developed for mills, cyclone separators, kiln, heat exchanger, filter, burner and cooler.


Updates on ongoing projects and features on individual segments of fan technology are scheduled throughout the year. In May, for example, visitors will find an interview and an expert article on fan flow simulation for optimization of operating parameters. An up-to-the-minute report on the recently completed modernization of a Polish cement plant will follow in July. Still more informative articles on wear protection, service, etc., will appear during the latter half of the year.


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