Promoting Health and Safety in the Global Lime Industry: ILA's Initiatives and Achievements

Introduction: ILA Health & Safety Award 2024

In a significant endeavor to foster a safe and healthy working environment in the global lime industry, the International Lime Association (ILA) has joined forces with the VISION ZERO Program to establish the ILA Health & Safety Award. This initiative exemplifies ILA's commitment to prevention and the pursuit of zero accidents and work-related illnesses, aligning perfectly with the goals of the global "VISION ZERO" campaign initiated by the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

Background and Objectives

During the 2018 General Assembly and Information Exchange Forum held in South Africa, ILA joined the "VISION ZERO" initiative, which focuses on workplace safety, health, and well-being. The primary objective is to cultivate a culture of prevention across all aspects of the global lime industry, striving for enhanced workplace safety, health, and well-being.

The ILA Health & Safety Award 2024: A Platform for Recognition

Annually celebrated at the General Assembly, the ILA Health & Safety Award acknowledges winners, participants, jury members, and other ILA members for their contributions. This award encourages individuals and organizations to actively contribute to the vision of a healthy and safe working environment. The award encompasses several categories, including innovative technical solutions for risk reduction (TECHNOLOGY), new concepts for promoting health and safety culture (PREVENTION CULTURE), and measures for health prevention and disease prevention (HEALTH PREVENTION).

The Call for Participation: Opening Doors for Ideas and Innovation

The ILA Health & Safety Award is open to all of its members, extending its invitation to individuals, teams, executives, and young workers within the lime industry. Submissions can range from groundbreaking technological developments to simple yet effective measures that improve health and safety in the workplace. ILA strongly encourages the submission of innovative solutions, successful campaigns, and best-practice initiatives for workplace safety and health, with a deadline of July 15, 2024.

Submission Process and Additional Materials

Interested participants are invited to submit their ideas using the provided form, ensuring a clear and concise description of the proposed solution. The jury particularly welcomes ideas that have been successfully tested and implemented. In addition to the description, participants may submit supporting materials such as images, short videos, or drawings, which can aid the jury's understanding and evaluation of the ideas.

For Further Inquiries

For further information and inquiries about the ILA Health & Safety Award 2024, ILA Office can be contacted at Additional details can also be found on the ILA website

ILA's Leadership in Safety and Health: A Role Model for Industries

Dr. Klaus-Ruthard Frisch, Secretary-General of ILA, was honored to be invited by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) to speak at the Vision Zero Africa Conference 2023 held in Zambia. This prestigious conference provided Dr. Frisch with a platform to address the potential of industry associations in promoting innovation and implementing new technologies for occupational safety in the global lime industry.

As the first industrial association to join the VISION ZERO Program and ISSA Mining, representing the entire lime industry sector, ILA demonstrated its unwavering commitment to enhancing safety standards and practices. Dr. Frisch's presentation emphasized the pivotal role that associations can play in driving advancements in workplace safety and health through the promotion and adoption of innovative technologies.

Reflecting on this opportunity, Dr. Frisch stated, "I was honored to speak at the Vision Zero Africa Conference and share insights on how industry associations can contribute to promoting innovation and new technologies in occupational safety within the lime industry. ILA's membership in the VISION ZERO Program and ISSA Mining showcases our commitment to advancing workplace safety and health across the industry."

ILA remains at the forefront of promoting safety and health in the lime industry, striving to achieve zero accidents and work-related illnesses through collaboration, innovation, and the adoption of new technologies.


Recognizing ILA's Impact: The ISSA Vision Zero 2023 Award

The efforts of the International Lime Association in promoting safety and health at work have been recognized with the prestigious ISSA Vision Zero 2023 Award in the category "From commitment to impact." This award acknowledges ILA's outstanding contributions in creating a safer and healthier working environment.

The ILA received this honor at the 23rd World Congress on Safety & Health at Work in Sydney, where approximately 4000 experts and decision-makers in occupational safety and health came together. The award was accepted by Paul Ellis, representing the ILA, symbolizing the association's steadfast commitment to the Vision Zero initiative.

Vision Zero, a global concept aimed at ensuring safety and health in the workplace, aligns perfectly with ILA's values and mission to create a safer and healthier working environment for all. This recognition, in the presence of ISSA President Dr. Mohammed Azman Aziz, emphasizes ILA's dedication to the Vision Zero initiative and highlights the significant impact of their efforts in promoting safety and health.

As part of the ILA community, each member should take immense pride in this achievement, considering it a testament to the dedication and hard work of every individual who contributed to ILA's commitment to safety and health. This recognition serves as an inspiration to continue these efforts and motivate others in the industry.

ILA extends heartfelt gratitude to all its members for their unwavering support and collaboration, and also expresses gratitude to the ISSA for acknowledging and appreciating their impactful work in promoting safety and health. Together, ILA and its members will continue to make a positive difference, striving towards creating a safer and healthier future for all.

In conclusion, ILA's initiatives, such as the ILA Health & Safety Award and their active role in supporting the Vision Zero Program, highlight their commitment to promoting health and safety in the lime industry. Through collaboration, innovation, and the adoption of new technologies, ILA is leading the way in establishing a culture of prevention and achieving zero accidents and work-related illnesses. Their achievements and recognition serve as inspiration for other industries to prioritize the well-being of their workforce and create safer and healthier workplaces for all.



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