The Procheck Guide for Cement Packing Plants

The brand-new The Procheck Guide for Cement Packing Plants from Haver & Boecker bundles practical knowledge for the sustainable optimization of Haver & Boecker packing plants in the cement industry in a compact form. The German machinery and plant manufacturer highlights more than 100 different optimization needs experienced by customers worldwide and shows the causes and solutions for each of them. To do so, The Procheck Guide draws on detailed plant analyses from the global market and decades of experience of Haver & Boecker engineers and service technicians. With this reference guide, Haver & Boecker sets a new information standard for plant operators and technicians.

Tangible knowledge for plant health

The authors of the book, Guido Neu (Area Sales Manager Cement) and Klaus Siewecke (Head of Customer Support), evaluated over 300 service visits, more than 50 plant analyses and the experience of all service technicians active worldwide. The two are among the Haver & Boecker veterans, bringing a combined 60 years of experience in the global cement market. “Our goal is to provide customers with a simple diagnostic tool that they can use to decide whether to fix the problem themselves, or order our on-site assistance,” explains Neu, who provided the impetus for this collection of ideas. With the help of detailed illustrations, precise descriptions and simple explanations, operators can quickly determine the symptom and its cause, and the necessary procedures and solutions. To this end, the English-language reference work is clearly divided into three chapters and will be updated at regular intervals in the future. It will also be published for other industries.

Publicly available for sustainable business goals

“There were many reasons for us not only to use this collection of knowledge internally for our service technicians, but to release it for all interested parties,” explains Neu of the unusual decision to share this expertise. “It is tangible knowledge for the sustainable use of our plants and their longevity. We would like operators to deal better with their plants, understand the systems’ interrelationships and to detect and treat occurring symptoms faster. This reduces the risk of possible consequential damage, which could be material, financial or personnel. A well-maintained and adjusted plant operates continuously in a clean, safe and weight-accurate manner,” says Siewecke. “This helps us reduce product waste and unnecessary new equipment purchases.”

With The Procheck Guide, Haver & Boecker is pursuing its ambition to make plant operation as climate and resource-friendly as possible. “It is our responsibility to future generations to take good care of our planet. With this valuable guide, we deliver this knowledge into the market,” says Neu. “We want our customers to know: We do not leave them alone with their packaging process, and we act responsibly and trustworthily at all times – with all the cards on the table and at eye level.”

Easy to download from the Haver & Boecker website

Haver & Boecker makes The Procheck Guide for Cement Packing Plants available to its service technicians worldwide in digital and printed formats. Customers and other interested parties can download it free of charge as a PDF file from the Haver & Boecker website and will be automatically informed by e-mail as soon as an updated version becomes available: procheckguide.haverboecker.com.



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