Too good to be true

There are some things in life which seem to be too good to be true: the powerful car that doesn’t consume much gasoline, the beautiful house in best location which does not cost much and the lovely partner which never demands something for himself – we all know these longings we secretly hope to find permanently. Running down the fuel cost and reducing the carbon footprint of our cement production is one of those as well – just too good to be true!

Really too good to be true? By using alternative fuels this could be achieved – at least we believe. Burning waste derived materials instead of fossil fuels, saving on fuel cost, reducing the carbon footprint and also helping to solve a pressing environmental problem in some areas of the world. Does this all go without any hidden drawback? The answer is a clear yesno. While this all seems to be clearly possible on paper, pain and suffering knocks you down sometimes in reality. The German and Austrian cement industry has been pioneering the co-processing of waste-derived fuels for more than 50 years and has surely gotten countless bloody noses. But at a global average TSR of > 60% they have shown in the end that it is possible – but…

A high substitution rate of fossil fuels through burning alternative fuels is possible, but you need a professional approach to it. You need the right partners, equipment and attitude for it. Then you can let your dream come true - you just have to get real.


Yours sincerely


Matthias Mersmann


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