Open communication is an essential part of success – within a company as well as in contact with customers. ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum has had a not inconsiderable influence on the latter in particular for 111 years. We greatly appreciate this magazine as a technically competent platform. For us, it is a reliable companion.

The Beumer Group incorporated sustainability as a fundamental value in its corporate philosophy many years ago. We have worked on it, are still doing so today, and want to continue to improve in the future. Years ago, we established the Beumer Sustainability Index as a self-commitment and self-certification to measure ourselves from the development process onward. We want to offer ecological as well as economic solutions and fulfill our social responsibility. One example: In a mine, there is a lot of transport of ore by truck. Our overland conveyors can replace this. The eco-balance is much more positive compared with heavy trucks.

Increasing digitalization is very important in this context. Even if many operators of cement plants are still rather timid about this development, they do see the advantages. With our Beumer Smart Glasses, we can also support our customers without being on site. What if, for example, a packaging plant in Indonesia or Peru breaks down? We are well positioned globally with numerous branches and representatives and can send one of the technicians stationed worldwide there if necessary, but that also costs time. Alternatively, customers can reach us around the clock via the hotline. But what about problems that are not trivial, but sometimes complex and difficult to describe over the phone? The customer‘s service technician can put on our Beumer Smart Glasses and get all the important information superimposed on the live image from the machine camera. This allows him to rectify a problem on the machine himself directly under guidance – just as if one of our technicians were standing by him. The data glasses also help with remote commissioning and allow an overview of the complete system: Beumer Customer Support sees the same as the wearer on site and can directly prescribe the right actions.

We are looking forward to many more exciting issues. I am very excited about future developments in our industry - just like the reporting on them. I am sure that ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum will continue to keep us up to date on all the important trends and topics in the next 111 years.