We value ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum magazine as a trustworthy and credible source of information on all aspects of building materials. In past years, ZKG has been a welcome inspiration and we have always looked forward to working together. For us, the magazine is a mandatory source of news on innovations and new products related to concrete and cement. As a supplier of high-quality building materials machinery, it is essential to know what is on the agenda for our customers in the building materials industry. Especially when it comes to current topics such as digitalization and sustainability, we rely on a joint discourse across the industry and our society.

The environmental necessity of using sustainable materials plays an important role in BHS-Sonthofen’s vision – that’s why we consider sustainability to be a way of using natural resources without compromising the opportunities of future generations. In this respect, ZKG magazine has established itself as a reliable pulse monitor for many years. The magazine’s activities on LinkedIn, in particular, make for an engaging and informative reading experience.

Keep it up! It will be interesting to find out just what else ZKG will have in store for us in the digital world. We are looking forward to the next 111 years of exciting stories with ZKG – on paper and in the worldwide web.