Cimprogetti has been developing innovative and sustainable technologies for the lime sector for over 50 years and we have been keeping in our archives ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum journals since the year 1964. ZKG is an editorial platform combining tradition and innovation, providing an important outlook on our sector.

Ideas, knowledge and practical experience link ZKG and Cimprogetti through their common vision of continuous innovation even in the traditional lime market; a wealth of good practice that Cimprogetti has capitalized through an in-house academy focusing on building real business capabilities for the benefit of our clients.

Eco-digital transition plays an increasing role in companies’ plans, with the synergy of the two concepts of sustainability and digitalization leading to the identification of interesting future prospects. This increasing role is aware of the need for environmental sustainability consistent with the profound changes occuring in recent years. Cimprogetti’s investments and projects take into account the eco-digital transition: the new concept of our technology design: kilns, hydrators and auxiliary machinery.

The proposal is for “sustainable machinery” which provide concrete solutions with reduced energy consumption, intelligent use of primary and secondary raw materials, and solutions for predictive maintenance. Even the retrofitting of obsolete plant should be undertaken from an eco-digital point of view, with the primary objective being to extend the life cycle of plants whilst fully respecting the work-life environment. Monitoring plant functions such as production, logistics and operational activities will enable production with greater efficiency.

Furthermore, sustainable digitalization intensifies the need for new professionals capable of uniting their talents with company procedures, as well as new energy policies due to the volatility of energy and raw material prices. Environment and digitalization therefore are two fundamental pillars on which Cimprogetti will create new opportunities for our customers. Environmental aspects focus on two themes:

Finding solutions to enable climate neutrality for our industrial processes with the use of alternative fuels and a reduction in energy consumption in the context of a circular economy

The use of hydrated lime as a reagent to reduce acidic effluents; in recent years specific products have been developed relying on enhanced raw materials characterization together with a customized engineering of technological systems

In this way, the production of lime, with its multiple applications, has transformed itself, from a product traditionally used in the building sector, to a secondary raw material for specific industrial production, mining and environmental treatments.

For Cimprogetti, digitalization means concretizing the factory of the future with the introduction of new IoT sensors for remote plant monitoring, capable of improving significantly the plant safety, thereby minimizing accident-related downtime. The solutions relating to connectivity and monitoring offered by Cimprogetti today are essential tools in maximizing efficiency and respect for the environment.

Cimprogetti expects ZKG to sustain this aim of shared knowledge, an equilibrium between tradition and innovation. Furthermore, the major transformation of the lime market deserves more attention, focusing on these new applications (such as environmental applications) requested by the market worldwide.