ZKG Cement Lime Gyspum has been a permanent and valuable source of information for me since the 1990s. By the journalistic quality and approach of its team, I derived my encouragement to venture into reporting for and from within the drymix mortar industry myself. As one of the last remaining hardcopy publications ZKG Cement Lime Gyspum creates a complete physical archive for the news in our industry. Remembering and looking up an article without using the internet is fun.

Of course, the music plays in the internet today: when it comes to up-to-date information, newsletters and platforms reach our experts faster, the user today is a media buff that uses its own and other networks. In this light, creating content such as its own articles and reports, its own investigative projects and offering space for the scientific community to present their findings is extremely important. No matter where this content is being published, it must be the heart of any journalistic and communicative endeavour. I wish ZKG Cement Lime Gyspum the talent and stamina to stay ahead with its own articles and to continue providing the space for new topics.