The Eggersmann Group is a supplier of plants, machinery and processes for waste management. One of our target groups is the cement industry as a purchaser of refuse derived fuels. We can inform this target group through articles about relevant projects and interesting developments.

For more than 10 years we have been promoting the use of all combustible components including the organics of domestic and commercial waste as RDF and not only the high calorific part. For this purpose we have developed and tested the necessary machines and processes. The reduction of climate gases from waste landfilling as well as from clinker production are thus much higher and the cement industry additionally contributes to a more sustainable waste management with savings of landfill capacities at the location of the respective cement plant.

The digitalization and networking of machines and processes is also in full swing at Eggersmann and allows users more efficient process control, early detection of maintenance requirements – also with improved remote diagnostic tools - and thus an availability of the complete process that is now already well above the industry standard. 

We wish ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum all the best and hope for 111 more years full of informative technical articles on the interface between the production and use of alternative fuels. We would like to see ZKG also acting as a transmitter of the cement industry’s medium-term needs and desires to technology and process providers in the environment of cement production and alternative fuels and raw materials.