The ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum is for us an important mouthpiece of the industry and a central medium in customer communication.

As a manufacturer of high-end machines that are used very successfully for mixing/cutting cement, dry mortar and concrete, it is a constant concern for us to be close to our customers and partners. We also keep a close eye on upcoming projects and investment plans in order to adapt our market activities even better to the needs of our target customers.

We want to make our customers and their processes more sustainable with our technology and solutions. We achieve this, for example, by saving binder and additives simply through more efficient mixing technology (for example, precast concrete up to -10%). But energy savings through state-of-the-art drive technology and high-torque motors should also be mentioned at this point.

Today, we are also already working on production technology of the future that improves product quality digitally, AI-based and self-learning, thereby increasing resource efficiency.

Maintaining and further expanding the high standard of reporting. Global articles on core industries and also forward-looking reports on future trends, concrete investment projects and a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the market. Furthermore, current discussions, such as CO2 reduction, raw material availability, price developments worldwide will be critically accompanied and the shapers of the market will have their say.

Current research topics, such as reports on alternative binders: e.g. Celitement and other trends shed light on.