As a medium for the cement industry, the journal offers an ideal opportunity to report on our permanent industrial elevators for cement plants. Interesting articles help readers to keep up with the latest developments.

Geda has, of course, been focusing on the issue of sustainability for some years now. For one thing, everyday processes are being optimised here, for example the continuous optimisation of our machinery through the use of new, energy-saving and low-emission machines.

Our high level of vertical integration and renowned Geda quality “Made in Germany” are also key factors when it comes to sustainability. With regard to sustainability at Geda, the latest new build is particularly worth a mention. Here, the construction work is in full swing and both management and staff are already looking forward to its completion. This building is being constructed to the highest standards and is extremely sustainable. DGNB certification with Gold status is being implemented. Here alone, digitalisation will play a major role. However, there have been plenty of developments with regard to digitalisation in relation to our products as well. Various digital applications are being implemented and new ideas conceived. As you can see, there has been a lot of progress recently.

We look forward to continued professional reporting and constructive, exciting collaboration over the next 10 years.