Sustainability is important and we consider it our duty to make a contribution to a more sustainable economy. This aspect has been a part of our corporate philosophy ever since: As a producer of oleochemical additives we offer products based on natural and sustainable raw materials. With vegetable or tallow based fatty acids being the major components of our products, they can offer sustainability advantages in different applications – for example as a biodegradable feedstock alternative to mineral oils for the production of lubricants or as an alternate hydrophobing agent to silanes. To further enhance the sustainability of our palm oil based products, we offer a broad range of RSPO certified ones.

When talking about sustainability, you most likely can’t go past the carbon footprint. On a product level, we are currently evaluating the product carbon footprint of our whole portfolio but this is still a work in progress. On a corporate level, we determined the corporate carbon footprint for our headquarters in Germany for the first time in 2016 and calculate it on a yearly basis ever since. To improve our carbon footprint, we take different actions: We continuously work on reducing the site-related emissions through our extensive and certified energy management, we will use 100% green electricity as of 2023 and we try to reduce emissions along the supply chain through close cooperation with our suppliers.

Additionally, our environmental management is of particular importance as it focuses on a lot of different aspects other than the carbon footprint. The general ambition is the reduction of our local environmental impact. The focus is, for example, set on economic water-usage, optimising waste disposal and facilitating closed circuits – always in accordance with the legal requirements. Acting sustainably and increasing sustainability efforts within a company is a process of continuous optimisation. It includes a lot of people from different departments. Therefore, our sustainability manager keeps an overview of all necessary actions and pushes new ideas forward. These days, the importance of sustainability is recognized globally and everyone should do their best to contribute. We will keep it as a key aspect of our business activities and try to improve wherever we see a possibility.