Happy 111th Anniversary – the ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum is definitely one of the most respected magazines in the global cement, lime and gypsum industries. Over the years, the latest information about technological and market developments together with important aspects such as sustainability, environmental issues, quality issues, health and safety have been published. With a number of articles OneStone Consulting was able to contribute a little to the good performance of ZKG. From time to time we receive a very positive feedback from the readership.  Accordingly, with each article and feedback we feel more and more as part of the ZKG family.

My personal interest is primarily on all kinds of market developments, as my company is providing market reports to the cement and building material industries such as “Cement Industry Grinding” (Figure) or “Global Cement Projects”. But I am also very interested in technological breakthroughs, key technologies, materials and resources. To my great satisfaction, ZKG consistently provides abundant information on these topics and I will be very pleased to continue by myself with technical articles and market reviews to ZKG’s future. I would like to send you my warmest congratulations on your anniversary. May ZKG continue with very interesting articles and continue to prosper in the years to come.