The cement industry is one of Martin Engineering’s key markets, and we regard ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum as one of the top publications serving that audience. We like the fact that it has an international readership, and that it reaches many readers in Germany and throughout Europe. Further, the publication includes a nice mix of equipment news and technical articles, which we feel serves readers well.

Sustainability has always been an important element of Martin Engineering’s products, and we continue to develop new components (and redesign existing ones) to further this goal. All Martin products are designed from their inception with safety as a fundamental priority, helping companies protect their most valuable resource: their work force. Digitalization has become a pillar of Martin’s growth in recent years, with new products being offered to take advantage of the growing use of technology.  We have introduced a number of new components to help cement and binder producers maintain safer and more productive operations, using electronics and cloud-based tools that have not previously been used in the industry.

We look forward to continued coverage of new equipment, tutorial articles that help educate readers and case study articles that illustrate the successful use of innovative components to improve operations and safety.