ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum always reports very topically about changes in the industry, about new technologies on the basis of company contributions and research results from universities. I also like the section on patents. With ZKG you stay up to date!

Both topics are the focus of our research. After all, the entire construction industry is facing a huge, fundamental upheaval due to global warming. This begins with the introduction of “green” CO2-reduced binders and continues with the recycling of concrete, thermal insulation, especially of old buildings, and completely new forms of building architecture. In times of global warming, for example, aluminum-based window profiles and cladding and unprotected large glass fronts are simply no longer viable. With a 40% share of total CO2 emissions, the building industry is by far the largest contributor to global warming. Without far-reaching measures in this area, we will not achieve the climate turnaround. Digitization can do a great deal to reduce heating costs, but whether digital printing of buildings will become widely established is rather questionable from today’s perspective. As long as we can’t print steel reinforcement or the like and concrete with larger aggregates, the application will remain very limited.

I would like ZKG to accompany the “green revolution” in the construction industry even more intensively and, for example, to present more information here about successful technologies and projects – especially worldwide. After all, we will only achieve the CO2 turnaround in the construction sector through global alliances. Germany and even Europe as a whole are too small in terms of CO2 emissions to be able to save the global climate on their own.