ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum magazine has had an enormous influence on the industry for decades. For us, it is an extremely competent technical platform and a good way to keep up to date with trends - and to be part of the reporting ourselves. We hold this magazine in very high esteem. We therefore extend our warmest congratulations on its 111th anniversary and look forward to many more exciting issues.

Alternative fuels are now a prerequisite for economical cement production, because they replace expensive fossil fuels such as coal and oil. More and more cement producers are therefore turning to various alternative fuels and increasing the substitution of fossil fuel 

Materials that would often only be landfilled can be accepted, processed, stored and fed to the combustion process in the appropriate quality by means of gravimetric or volumetric dosing with Vecoplan’s individual concept solutions. We also offer integrated project management as well as installation, commissioning and comprehensive service. Our customers thus receive everything from a single source. For the production of refuse-derived fuels, we also supply the appropriate processing technology with innovative shredding technology - both for single-stage and two-stage applications. In shredding technology, we are very successfully implementing our digitalization concept. Through our Smart Center (VSC), we network the machines with the cloud, enabling access to the machine, control over the functionalities and, on request, comprehensive data analysis to optimize performance and efficiency. Our mission is to deliver a high performance overall plant that achieves high availability, output performance, energy efficiency and quality of the processed RDF.

We hope that the reporting in ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum magazine will continue to be as factual and well-founded as it has been in the past. I look forward to the coming issues, to interesting and exciting reports from the field, about trends and about the industry. I am very curious to see how the market will continue to develop.