For more than 100 years, ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum has been a leading light in the cement industry. Managers and engineers in the cement industry have turned to ZKG as reliable, well informed and up to date. WCA’s team frequently read ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum magazine, utilising the diverse content as a source of knowledge to inform about our work. We have also submitted our own authored articles to the publication, including on the topics of filling and transportation, quarrying and biodiversity, and a guest editorial by our CEO, Ian Riley.

Sustainability and decarbonisation of the cement and concrete industries are at the heart of our work at WCA, and are the focus of our discussions with, and services for our members. As such, we have six professional committees dedicated to these topics, an emissions and efficiency benchmarking programme and regular member forums to exchange best practice, which will accelerate the industry’s transition to net zero, for which digitalisation and industry 4.0 applications will be crucial elements.

The cement industry has entered a phase of rapid change unlike any we have seen before. The challenge to decarbonise is one that will impact processes, products, standards and even the commercial viability of certain plants. It is an exciting time and one in which timely and reliable information on the latest technical developments is essential. We look forward to reading the latest knowledge on decarbonisation, digitalisation and other cutting-edge topics of interest in future ZKG editions. We would also welcome more articles authored by female professionals in the industry, to showcase female talent and promote the industry as an exciting and viable career path for women.

WCA will be hosting our annual conference in-person 26-28 September 2022 in Dubai/UAE. Our focus topics will be around post-Covid recovery for the cement industry, the journey to net-zero, and feature the challenges and opportunities faced by producers in the MENA region, the location of the next two COP summits. More information will be forthcoming very soon.

Our Pegasus benchmarking programme will be releasing outcomes of Phase I (emissions and energy efficiency) shortly. We are now collecting maintenance and reliability data for Phase II. Participation in the program is free of charge for members who find it effective both in identifying performance improvement opportunities and developing their staff.