The cement industry in Egypt

Summary: The cement industry in Egypt started in the twentieth century. Since the establishment of the Tourah Portland Cement Company in 1927 the Egyptian cement industry has witnessed a steady growth. And also a future look at the developments shows that huge expansions are to be expected. By establishing new or expanding existing production lines or by establishing new cement companies during the next three years Egypt aims to cope with the increasing consumption of the local market. It is estimated that around 16 Mt of clinker will be added, pushing the design capacity to 54.8 Mt of clinker. As for cement, it is expected that about 18 Mt will be added to the design capacity, which will increase from 46.6 Mt in 2008 to around 61.8 Mt in 2010. Furthermore, Egypt became one of the main exporting countries, with exports reaching their peak in 2004 at about 12.1 Mt of cement.

1 Introduction

The cement industry in Egypt started in the twentieth century. In 1927, the Tourah Portland Cement Company was established, followed by the Helwan Cement Company south of Cairo; then, in 1949, the Alexandria Cement Company was incorporated. The prevalent production method at the time was the wet process. Those companies were owned by foreign companies under the private sector regime, and this state continued until the 1952 revolution, which established the first national company with Egyptian capital in 1956. In 1962, all these companies were nationalized and were then owned by...

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