Investment in the future

The investment by the LEUBE cement works (Fig. 1) in a 30 million € upgrade to its clinker production plant will ensure that jobs at the Gartenau/St. Leonhard production site in Austria are secure in the long term. In addition, significant sustainable reductions in energy consumption and in the emission of toxic substances will be achieved when the plant goes into operation in 2010. The single new kiln line 3 will replace existing kiln lines 1 and 2. 


The main components of the project, which started at the beginning of July, include a new preheater tower with calciner, kiln conversion, a new clinker cooler and the dust extraction system. The LEUBE Group planned the reconstruction itself and has brought on board the company A   TEC Production & Services GmbH, a capable partner for this type of project. A   Tec developed the outline design in conjunction with
LEUBE employees, and made recommendations for plant components.


The groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the launch of the clinker production upgrade took place on 22.07.2009. The ceremony was attended by the mayors of all four neighbouring districts (Fig. 2).


ZKG International spoke to Mr Rudolf Zrost, Managing ­Director of the LEUBE Group and Chairman of VÖZ (the Austrian Cement Industry Association) at the start of the ­project and will provide progress reports.

ZKG: Mr Zrost, you are planning a considerable investment in the future of the LEUBE cement works. This decision could not have been easy for you and your team. What motivated you to begin this modernisation process, and what benefits will it have?

Rudolf Zrost: The new kiln system will have state-of-the-art technology, which means that we will be able to operate within all future emissions limits and still be more cost-efficient.


ZKG: What is the scope of the project?

Rudolf Zrost: We are planning to invest a total of about 30 million €.

ZKG: Why did you choose A TEC?

Rudolf Zrost: Firstly, we have known them for a long time and think highly of their work, secondly, A TEC has experience of the specific type of system we have chosen, and thirdly, we have already worked with A TEC for more than two years during the planning phase.


ZKG: How does the reconstruction fit in with your firm’s ­philosophy and strategy?

Rudolf Zrost: Ever since we first started using replacement fuels our neighbours have been involved in our planning processes via the Gartenau citizens’ board ( Since 1996 we have adopted a number of successful cost-saving measures and have been able to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide by 50  %, dust by 35  %, total carbon by 48  % and carbon monoxide by 38  %. This trend will continue with the further savings made possible by the new preheater tower. We, the Leube family, have been producing cement since 1838. Our aim is to continue to do business as a family, and building a new clinker production plant has enabled us to secure the long-term future of the site where the raw material deposits will last for generations.


ZKG: Can you tell us anything about your schedule for the ­project?

Rudolf Zrost: We have just started the preparatory work, such as demolition and so on. The concrete floor slab will be poured as from September and then the preheater tower will be built. Construction of the cooler will begin at the same time. Installation work will begin in February 2010 and commissioning is planned for autumn 2010.


ZKG: What measures do you consider essential for the successful execution of this type of project?

Rudolf Zrost: The financing, a good project team, capable workers and reliable partners.


ZKG: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we wish you every success with the project.

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