TCO – Effective concept for the servicing
of industrial plant

Summary: The REMA TIP TOP Total Cost of Ownership Maintenance Model is a set of solutions that has grown over the years to meet today‘s challenges in the areas of the inspection, maintenance and servicing of industrial plants. Its outstanding characteristics are its concentration on core competencies and its flexibility in use. Service units from around the globe are involved in its further development. The plant operator can put together a complete service package to meet his operational needs from a wide variety of single components. Even at this early stage, the service crew is already by his side to offer advice. The goal is to gain the trust of the plant operator and to prove to be a reliable partner for him. Experience shows that plant operators really do appreciate this tactic. Certainly, further efforts may be required to initiate a change in which traditional cost thinking makes way for an adapted mindset where after maintenance and servicing is an investment into the future.

1 Introduction

Individual service concepts are in demand in the market and an all-inclusive care is one of the key factors for success. REMA TIP TOP has therefore included so-called Total Cost of ­Ownership (TCO) models in its service program which ­presents all necessary service components in a structured and clear ­

In literature, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is mostly described as an accounting procedure that helps companies to record and to reliably estimate all costs associated with capital investments. These not only include procurement costs, but also numerous different...

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