Dust removal for rotary kilns

The team of Intensiv-Filter Austria received an order from RHI AG for the dust removal of two Lepol kilns (Fig.). In the Breitenau plant in Austria, 380 000 t/a Magnesite are quarried that is used to produce refractory materials for cement kilns and for the steel industry. At temperatures between 1500 °C and 1800 °C the raw magnesite is burnt in rotary kilns to sinter magnesia. Currently the dust removal of the exhaust gases is carried out with an electrostatic precipitator. Within the scope of a proactive environmental policy, this filter is exchanged for two bag filter plants of the type ProJet mega® from Intensiv-Filter. The order includes the dust removal of two rotary kilns with a volume flow of
52 190 m3/h n.c each. The raw gas reaches the bag filters with 180 °C under normal condition, in maximum cases with 250 °C. Filter bags with a length of 6 m and a glass fabric material with PTFE membrane come into operation. The energy-efficient cleaning is carried out with low pressure in online mode. In addition to the complete engineering and the filtering installations, the extent of the project also includes the process fans, the pipelines, the dust discharge, the sound protection as well as transport, assembly and commissioning.



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