150 years of experience in lime shaft kiln engineering

More than sixty visitors met at the Eberhardt offices in Lemgo, Germany, on November 19, 2010, for a cordial exchange of opinion and to obtain information on the M-Group’s range of products and services. Following a short introductory speech by CEO Michael Hünerlage, the participants had the opportunity of conversing at a number of prepared information points with Eberhardt’s engineers on topics including increasingly ­realistic modeling concepts for system optimization (Figures 1 and 2). There was also an excursus on refractory linings for those interested in this field.

The occasion for this visit was Eberhardt‘s 150th corporate anniversary. The company, with its origins more in the sugar and soda sector, now increasingly also constructs kilns for the building materials industry. It was, therefore, no surprise that users from the most diverse fields made their way to Lemgo to celebrate both successfully completed and future projects with Eberhardt. A specialist in lime shaft kilns, milk-of-lime plants and waste-gas cleaning installations, Eberhardt took an important and successful step into the future with the integration of its know-how and the founding of the Schaffrath division. 150 years of experience in lime shaft kiln engineering, combined with thirty years of tried and proven mechanical engineering in the field of feed and hydraulic extraction systems, provide Eberhardt with the perfect basis for a large range of solutions in the planning and modernization of existing lime shaft kilns.

Eberhardt is one of a total of three companies which make up the M-Group. Of its two sister enterprises, Schwab provides groundbreaking technical and cost-efficient technologies for the lime industry, in the form of virtually all types of widely used lime kilns, and annular shaft kilns, in particular, while Möller has been active since 1966 as a specialist in refractory linings for thermal processing in­stallations, including cement plants. The company’s extensive stocks of refractory bricks and castables enable it to supply all sites in Europe with refractory linings, generally in less than 24 hours. Even the refractory producers occasionally make use of Möller‘s carefully selected range of stocks.

One of Eberhardt‘s most recent projects is the new lime line at Schaefer Kalk‘s Steeden plant, featuring Maerz RCE kilns, which incorporate Schaffrath feed technology. The decisive factor here was the good experience gained by Schaefer Kalk GmbH & Co. KG using similar technology at its Hahnstätten plant. Above all, however, Eberhardt is an international player. Its installations can be found in locations ranging from China via India to Europe, and on to the USA and the Middle East.


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