New filter plant in the Ukraine

In 2009, the Ukranian cement manufacturer Doncement, a company belonging to the HeidelbergCement group, gave Intensiv-Filter the order for a bag filter including fans and dust transport system for the dedusting of the rotary kiln line 7. The bag filter should replace the two existing electrostatic precipitators. A few weeks ago the new filter plant was put into operation. The operation of the efficient bag filter plant will substantially improve the capacity and efficiency. Intensiv-Filter was responsible for the construction, manufacturing and supervision of the assembly as well as commissioning of the installation. The bag filter is designed for a gas volume of approx. 600 000 m3/h a.c. and equipped with 8-m-long filter bags. It is operated with a fully automatic cleaning control system. In addition to the process filter, Intensiv-Filter delivered 2 cement mill filters with 22 000 m3/h a.c. Due to the successful cooperation, a new order for the dedusting of the kiln line 8 was meanwhile committed to Intensiv-Filter. This bag filter will be commissioned in summer 2010.


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