Material utilization of fibre cement waste

Summary: Investigations were carried out into particulate materials of crushed fibre cement and into mixes of fibre cement and RC material for base layers. The pure fibre cement, in spite of its relatively high porosity and water absorption, exhibited a high resistance to freeze-thaw-cycling and a sufficient resistance to abrasion. These properties were confirmed by the investigations of the mixtures. Positive effects on the Proctor density and the CBR value were observed. The reasons for this need more profound research to be further confirmed. As regards the utilization of fibre cement waste, the conclusion can be drawn from the investigations that crushed fibre cement can be utilized as a constituent of RC materials for base layers.

1 Introduction

The term “fibre cement” stands for thin boards or tubes consisting of cement, additives and fibres, which, for example, are used in building construction as roof cladding, façade lining or in civil engineering. For many years fibre cement has been produced without asbestos. Thus, asbestos-free fibre cement waste is increasingly generated during the rehabilitation or demolition of buildings. This waste does not require special supervision, as opposed to products containing asbestos, the manufacture of which was prohibited for building construction in 1991 and for civil engineering...

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