Ring in the new!

2012 has arrived, and with it a whole series of topics and formats which we will be exploring with you in ZKG INTERNATIONAL during the year. 2011 departed with the COP17 climate summit held in Durban, South Africa in mid-December; a global climate protection concept was deemed desirable, but not immediately. The new treaty is to be drawn up by 2015, and to come into effect in 2020; the Kyoto Protocol, which officially expires in 2012, will be extended to bridge the gap. Claims that the time horizon is somewhat distant are proliferating, in the wake of the historic emissions highs recorded in 2010. In view of global economic and population trends, we will therefore have no alternative but to focus on greater energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions. We can all be glad to be working in a sector which, for innumerable reasons, has been continuously and actively pursuing process optimisation for decades. Old inefficient plants are scheduled for shut-down and replacement by modern tech­nology in every region of the globe, without exception. In addition, new emission reducing and more productive and efficient cements are currently under development in many countries. During 2012, we will be focussing on these and numerous other highly relevant topics - starting right now: this issue, for example, includes interesting articles on plant optimisation and cost reduction; a DVD with a film on one of our articles is also featured, and will enable you to gain more extensive information on the text of the article and an insight into this plant technology – almost as if you were visiting the plant! Also examined are the effects of optimised cement formulations. The Turkish cement market, with its production volume of appr. 66 million t/a, also comes under our spotlight. Needless to say, we have a large selection of other interesting ideas for 2012 – so … watch this space!


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