Pulverized lignite combustion in the lime plant

ZPW Trzuskawica S.A. has successfully converted a PFR kiln to pulverized lignite combustion at their plant in Piechcin (Poland) in January 2012. Export Sales Manager Matthias Vette from Vattenfall congratulated plant director Adam Kaczmarek on the ceremonial starting up of the new system (Fig.). The

energy group ll supplies the lime plant with the fuel pulverized lignite from its refining site Schwarze Pumpe in the south of Brandenburg (Germany). By October 2011 Vattenfall’s sales department for lignite fuels had gained the subsidiary of the Irish CRH group as a new customer for a supply contract for several years. With substantial investments in burning technology and system engineering ZPW Truszkawica S.A. has made a long-term decision for the fuel pulverized lignite. Crucial for this choice were the economic ­efficiency of pulverized lignite, the calculable price development and the high level of supply security. The key equipment and the engineering for the fuel dosing system were supplied by MAERZ Ofenbau AG of Zurich. Thorwesten GmbH was the general supplier of the fuel storage technology and key equipment.

Vattenfall Europe Mining produced and sold more than 1,6 Million tons of refined lignite fuels in 2011. Pulverized lignite is used as an effective fuel alternative in the cement and lime industry, in asphalt mixing plants as well as heating plants. The solid fuel is high-calorific, free-flowing and has a high operating comfort due to its liquid-like behaviour. The supply is carried out on the road by silo trucks or via railroad in special wagons. ZPW Trzuskawica S.A. is the first lime producer in Poland applying pulverized lignite from Vattenfall.www.vattenfall.de


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