Tower units extend reach of dust suppression

Dust Control Technology, ­Peoria, IL/USA, has announced the introduction of a new family of tower mounts for the company’s atomized misting equipment, which extends droplet hang time and range, while providing more precise aiming capability. The new tower designs were specifically developed to address ongoing operations that generate dust in fixed locations. They are well suited for slag handling, aggregate processing, recycling operations and coal handling. “The tower mounts can deliver a focused mist to the areas where dust is created,” commented DCT General Manager Laura Stiverson. “This allows the DustBossTM units to concentrate virtually their entire output directly to the source of the problem.”

Any of the fan-driven units can be modified to address specific particle sizes or service environments. “In some applications such as slag handling, the dust particles can be so small that they are more effectively managed with smaller droplets,” Stiverson observed. “In other situations, reduced flow may be preferred to protect moisture-sensitive materials.”

Three tower sizes are currently available. The 6“ base tube is generally employed on tower heights below 15 feet, and is compatible with the standard oscillation package. For greater elevation, 8“ diameter towers are used. The heavy-duty design is the 10“ diameter flange-mounted towers, which are secured directly into concrete. It is available in heights up to 20 feet with a range from 0-359°.


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