Engineering the future

Initially manufacturing and supplying efficient clinker coolers to its clients, IKN today offers a wide range of products and services for the pyroprocessing department. Covering products from the preheater to the clinker cooler and most recently waste heat recovery. Regardless of our client’s location in the world, energy efficiency and technological development are global issues. To successfully address these issues with positive results, thinking, acting and communicating globally are essential and have been part of the daily business within IKN for more than 30 years. English has become a universal language allowing for fast and reliable information transfer between solution providers and clients. From our point of view, it is only natural that ZKG International focuses on one single international language giving more space for additional information and allowing for global accessibility. Technical expertise combined with excellent communication lead to efficient results.

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Issue 2014-7-8 ARGENTINA

New IKN cooler for Argentina

In May 2014, Holcim (Argentina) S.A. placed an order for a state-of-the-art IKN Pendulum Cooler® with a grate area of 61 m2 and the latest Coanda Wing® technology, designed to replace the existing...

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Modernisation of a kiln line in Russia

Spassk Cement, located to the north of Vladiwostock, has contracted Polysius to modernise kiln plant 1 at the Spassk-Dalny factory. The modernisation programme includes a number of different measures....


Clinker cooler and roller crusher replacement by FTI

Fons Delta clinker cooler is now in Condorcorcha/Peru. Being one of the biggest cement producers in Peru, Unacem is always open to new technologies. After very detailed technical negotiations, Unacem...

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Method and device for cooling and comminuting hot cement clinker

(22) 16.04.2015 (43) 16.02.2017 (57) A method and device for cooling and comminuting hot cement clinker in a cooler. The cooler has an inlet region for receiving the hot clinker, a recuperation...

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Cement clinker cooler and method for cooling cement clinker

(22) 29.10.2013 (43) 06.05.2015 (57) White cement clinker can be ­efficiently produced using a kiln 10 for sintering cement clinker and ­unloading the cement clinker from the kiln 10 to a clinker...