Aumund conveying equipment operates for years with exceptional reliability in Poland

In 1998 Cementownia Warta put Aumund equipment into operation for the first time, in its plant near Dzialoszyn. To date, Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH has supplied more than 20 machines to this plant in central Poland from Rheinberg in Germany, and has been working continuously with the customer to develop equipment, including five Aumund Pan Conveyors type KZB. Since these were commissioned last year, they have been operating with such remarkable reliability that in mid-2020 Cementownia Warta ordered a further Arched Plate Conveyor type BPB-SF in heavy-duty design. This conveyor is to be supplied before the end of the year, for its new limestone crushing facility.

The supply of the five Aumund Pan Conveyors was part of Cementownia Warta’s project to build a steel-roofed concrete silo designed to hold 120000 t of clinker. Silo feeding is carried out by an Aumund Pan Conveyor with a centre distance of 145 m and a capacity of 500 t/h. Discharge is by three Pan Conveyors, one of which has a capacity of 600 t/h, and the others 300 t/h each. These three Pan Conveyors type KZB transport the clinker to a 600 t/h Pan Conveyor which operates as a collector and takes the clinker on to feed the mill. The connection of the silo to the clinker production process is assured by a Pivoting Pan Conveyor with a centre distance of 78 m and a capacity of 474 t/h, which was originally supplied by Aumund back in 2008 to feed eight smaller clinker silos.

As part of the project to construct the 120000-t clinker silo, Aumund planned the clinker conveying circuit for silo feeding so that a second, identical silo can be connected at a later stage without having to make any significant modifications to the existing plant layout. Space has been left in the bridge to the future silo to install a further Pan Conveyor to feed the second clinker silo.


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