GB 2591262 A

Building product

(22) 23.01.2020

(43) 28.07.2021

(57) (Abstract title): Building product formed from a calcium carbonate binder and a lignocellulosic bio-aggregate: A bio-aggregate based building product formed from a mixture of a calcium carbonate binder and a lignocellulosic bio-aggregate. The calcium carbonate binder may be calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), calcium oxide (quick lime), or one or more of calcium hydroxide and/or calcium oxide in combination with one or more of lime putty and/or lime milk. The binder may also be present as hydrated calcium carbonate. The bio-aggregate may be formed from one or more of common wheat, hemp, oats, rapeseed, barley straw, giant miscanthus, bamboo, flax, rice straw, corn straw, sugarcane bagasse, sisal straw or a combination. The range of maximum bio-aggregate particle sizes may be selected to provide a mixture having suitable wet flow dynamics, viscosity, rheology and cohesion applicable for industrial processing, such as by continuous extrusion or deposition. The building product has high porosity, low density, high water vapour permeability and buffering ability, and good insulative properties. Also disclosed are method of forming the building product by mixing lignocellulosic bio-aggregate and calcium carbonate binder and a kit of parts for forming the building product.

(71) Adaptavate Ltd, Albany House, Shute End, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1BJ, United Kingdom


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