Built for severe applications

The new Cat® 349D2 L hydraulic excavator, with an operating weight ranging from 44 400 kg to 47 300 kg, features heavy-duty major structures that allow the new model to take on the most severe applications. Depending on regional offering, the 349D2 L is available with Reach and/or Mass front linkages. The ISO 14396 – 301 kW (403 hp) Cat C13 ACERT™ engine combines with a powerful, precise hydraulic system to ensure high production in all applications, whether the machine is working with a bucket or any of the extensive range of Cat work tools.

Electronic controls govern the C13 ACERT engine’s mechanically actuated unit-fuel-injection system, which operates at high pressure to ensure complete combustion and optimum fuel economy. 349D2 L owning & operating costs have been reduced by reverting to optimized Economy Mode each time the machine is started regardless of what mode the operator had previously selected. This reduces fuel consumption as much as 9 %. The Cat ADEM™ A4 electronic control module allows the engine to respond quickly to varying conditions with optimum performance and economy.

The 349D2 L is equipped with a long undercarriage, providing a 5360 mm track length and a 3340 mm track width (with 600 mm tracks shoes). Track chains for all options are greased and sealed to reduce travel noise and to reduce internal pin/bushing wear for lower operating costs.

Also available is the Cat Positive Pin Retention 2 (PPR2) track system, designed for high-impact/high-travel applications. The system mechanically locks the link to the pin, reducing link movement to tightly control seal motion for maximum grease retention. Stronger track links in the PPR2 system resist fatigue and crack formation, and optional cast idlers are designed for extended life in these applications.

The 349D2 L upper main frame is robotically welded to ensure consistent, high quality welds and features box-section main channels connected by a massive tube at the boom foot for rigidity and strength. Curved side rails in the outer frame resist bending and torsional loads. Pentagonal-section track frames for undercarriage are fabricated of thick steel plate for optimum durability.

The 6.9 m Reach boom is offered with a 3.35 m Reach stick. The 6.55 m Mass Excavation boom is offered with a 2.55 m Mass stick for Africa, Middle East and CIS and a 3.0 m Mass stick for Turkey.

An extensive range of Cat work tools – including buckets, hammers, grapples, shears, multi-processors and rippers – enhances versatility and utilization. The new Cat Pin Grabber Coupler meets or exceeds all global industry standards including EN474, ISO13031 for coupler safety. Field-installed hydraulic kits for work tools feature pre-made hoses and pre-bent, pre-painted tubes as well as comprehensive instructions to simplify installation.

The pilot-operated hydraulic system – providing low-effort, proportional control of implement, swing and travel functions – uses two main pumps that use all of the power output of the engine in all operating situations for maximum efficiency. Oil-regeneration systems for the boom and stick circuits shorten cycle times, reduce the load on the main pumps, and conserve fuel. The system provides priority for boom-up and swing operations by automatically assigning oil flow based on lever movement, eliminating the need for work-mode buttons. Cylinder snubbers cushion end-of-stroke shock for reduced sound levels and extended component life. Max. drawbar pull is 338 kN.

The 349D2 L cab (ROPS for Turkey) is spacious, quiet and comfortable, featuring an air-suspension seat and a pressurization system that provides positive, filtered, ventilating airflow to resist dust intrusion. Large glass areas all around and a large polycarbonate skylight provide optimum visibility, and the frameless windows (except the rear) further enhance visibility and simplify replacement.

For optimum durability and resistance to vibration, the exterior design of the cab uses thick steel tubing along the bottom perimeter, allowing a falling object guard structure (FOGS) to be bolted directly to the cab, either at the factory or in the field. The cab shell is attached to the frame with viscous mounts to dampen vibration and sound for enhanced operator comfort.

Joysticks feature integrated buttons and sliding switches to modulate control for hydro-mechanical work tools, and the LCD monitor displays vital operating information (in 28 languages) and provides a pre-start-check screen that alerts the operator to low fluid  levels.

Routine maintenance points are easily accessed, including a remote greasing block on the boom that delivers grease to hard-to-reach locations and a primary fuel filter/water separator in the air-cleaner compartment, which is accessible from ground level. Service intervals for engine oil and filter are extended to 500 hours, and the radial-seal air filter system alerts the operator when restriction reaches a pre-set level and can be serviced without tools. Oil sample and pressure ports provide easy checking of machine condition and are standard equipment.

Product availability may vary according to regions of the world. To verify this, please check with local Cat dealer.

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