Clean, intelligent and profitable – a new age in packing

Haver & Boecker is promoting its new generation of filling, packing and palletizing systems. Haver Service will also present the “Quattro System Monitoring”, which can also be retrofitted to already existing machines. It allows performance data to be constantly available to operators who are on the go.

Roto-Packer, Integra and Elementara packing systems

Particularly with the new dosing unit Roto-Lock, the current generation of packing systems impresses with its clean filling, reliable performance, intuitive operation and energy saving function.

Quattro System Monitoring for effective processes

The automatic recording of all machine data saves time and provides reliable information which otherwise would not be assured by manual input. Using these precise data, the performance of the systems can be compared and comprehensively optimized – also when packing at multiple locations. Individually programmed alarms inform at an early stage of faults, inefficient processes or deviating values, and upcoming maintenance sessions which can be planned and carried out very early. This allows significant downtime reductions.

Seal technology for cleanliness and optimum product protection

The valve bag filling systems installed on the Seal technology seal the valve with ultrasound. The result is a compact, tightly sealed and clean bag. The Seal technology assures clean filling and prevents product loss through the entire delivery chain. The packaging provides a dust-free work environment.

Adams technology for filling of powder into PE bags

Adams stands for the filling of powder-type products into PE packaging made of FFS film. The heart of the Adams technology is its compaction system which makes it possible to pack even the finest powder with FFS technology.

The bag’s air-tightness assures long shelf lives and a consistently high product quality level. Thanks to its high frost and weather resistance and protection from UV and aroma, the packed products are reliably protected outside.

Performance+ kits for boosting FFS system output

For modernizing existing systems, Haver & Boecker now offers the Performance+ kits. As a special service they offer an ABC analysis of critical parts and draw up an assessment regarding with which machines or machine components a conversion would make sense.

The Performance+ kits are dependent on the machine family and machine type and reduce maintenance costs, decrease wear and tear, improve output, boost machine operational availability and improve energy efficiency.



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