WO 2019/014738 (A1)

Cleaning process for recycling Kraft paper in packaging of the cement-bag type and other, similar packaging

(22) 07.07.2018

(43) 24.01.2019

(57) Cleaning process for recycling Kraft paper in packaging of the cement-bag type and other, similar packaging (1), comprising the cleaning process for recycling, and the packaging may be deformed in any way (2); the packaging will undergo a process of fragmentation (3), breaking up the fibres and converting the bags into fragments (4). The fragments will undergo a cleaning process (5), which may or may not include a stream of compressed air (6), with a grinding system for grinding up the fragments (7), then a screen will select only the required sizes (8), with a device for suction of the waste solids (9), grinding the fragments and separating out the waste solids (11) from the paper (10), separating all the layers of paper and completely cleaning same; the already clean fragments (…).

(71) Marcon, Felipe, Rua Doutor Emilio Chierighini, 115, Apt 405, B1 3, Presidente Medici, 13310-050 Itu (BR)


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