US 2020/0407275 A1

Composition of a cement additive material as an additive to cementitious mineral admixtures, and utilized as latent hydraulic binders to improve the outcome of cementitious products

(22) 11.09.2020

(43) 31.12.2020

(57) A composition of a cement additive material to improve durability of cementitious structures, was disclosed. The cement additive composition includes an admixture of one or more of divalent magnesium metal silicates with capacity to act as a latent hydraulic binder in said composition activated by a hydration process under aqueous conditions, and in particular the divalent metal silicate is magnesium-dominated silicate, preferably comprising mineral groups of olivines, orthopyroxenes, amphiboles, and serpentines or mixtures thereof. The composition also includes chloride ions or brine.

(71) Restone AS, Fyllingsdalen (NO)


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