US 2019/0284095 A1

Copolymer for use as cement additive and method
of preparation thereof

(22) 15.05.2017

(43) 19.09.2019

(57) This application relates to a polymer that is useful as a cement additive, wherein the polymer is produced by copolymerisation of an olefinic mono-carboxylic acid or salt thereof, an acrylamide sulfonic acid or salt thereof, and an allylic sulfonic acid or salt thereof. The application also relates to a method of making such a polymer, a composition comprising such a polymer and cement or a cementitious slurry, use of such a polymer as an additive to a cementitious material, and a cementitious material comprising such a polymer.

(71) Devine Chemicals Limited, Leadgate, Consett (GB)

(73) Devine Chemicals Limited, Leadgate, Consett (GB)


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