Process Know-how

Customized solutions for pneumatic conveying

Summary: Compressed air in large quantities is required for the pneumatic conveying of powdered products in an extensive piping system in the Sulzheim plant of the Südharzer Gipswerk GmbH. The compressed air must be oil-free to achieve high quality products. For more than 15 years rotary blowers and screw compressors from Aerzen have been used in the plant for pneumatic conveying. Since February 2008, an oil-free compressing belt-driven screw compressor, type VML 18 R-G5, from Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has been running in the central compressed-air station. This plant of the new Delta Screw Generation 5 supplies an intake volume flow of approx. 1000 Nm³/h with a discharge pressure of max. 3.0 bar (abs.).

1 Introduction
If a company can use approximately 99.5 % of the compressed air generated by an oil-free operating screw compressor as pneumatic conveying air, and if only about 0.5 % have to be blown off into the atmosphere to maintain a constant pressure, the system is operating with an efficiency that is unsurpassable in practice. The Sulzheim-based Südharzer Gipswerk GmbH, located south of Schweinfurt, has been using exclusively screw compressors and rotary compressors from the Hamelin-based Aerzener Maschinenfabrik for more than 20 years. For the time being 18 units (Figs. 1–3) from...

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