Development prospects of China’s cement industry CO2 in 2050

Influenced by the current Chinese annual growth rate, which is more than one percent and an urbanization rate of more than 70 %, the demand for cement is at a peak. The CO2 emissions of the cement industry will also identically accompany such a major trend. The author states, how CO2 emissions as well as urbanization will go parallel with the zero growth level of China’s population after 2030.

1 Introduction

China is at the peak of industrialization and urbanization. The urbanization rate was 53.7 % in 2013. Currently, the annual growth rate is more than one percent and the urbanization rate will reach more than 70 % of the stable phase after 2030.

Influenced by industrialization and urbanization, demand for cement and building materials is at a peak. It is estimated that the consumption peak in the cement industry will appear between 2015 and 2020, and then will begin to gradually decline. After 2030, cement and building materials will also be close to saturation. With the completion...

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