Effective dust control with a ­MobyDick Dust Control Cannon

Frutiger has been doing business with dust control systems for nearly two years now. The MobyDick Dust Control Cannon product line is already busy keeping dust down in Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., China and numerous other countries.

Many conventional systems rely on low-pressure pumps that generate large, non-uniform drops of water. The ­MobyDick dust control system, though, nebulises the water by means of special pumps (20–25 bar) and appropriate nozzles that generate myriad miniscule droplets. The Cannon 50 model produces 50 µm to 150 µm in the outer range and 20 µm to 80 µm in the inner range. This “dense fog”, with its innumerable minute, homogeneously dispersed droplets of water, is more efficient than the low-pressure pump approach. The droplets remain airborne longer thanks to their lower velocity and slower rate of descent. Thanks to their diminished suction effect, the droplets are better able to attach themselves to particles of dust and precipitate to the ground. This technology has emerged as a proven reliable dust-control system that makes production processes cleaner and satisfies the relevant occupational health and safety requirements.

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