Euroslag and FEhS Institute in favor of EU Parliament’s plans for circular economy

The EU Parliament’s own-initiative report, adopted on February 9, 2021, calls for an upgrading of secondary raw materials. Among other things, it provides for stronger ecologically oriented public procurement with mandatory minimum criteria, for example in the construction industry. For the European Euroslag network and the FEhS Building Materials Institute, this is an important step towards the comprehensive approval of secondary building materials and their conditional preferential treatment in public procurement. For this to happen, however, European public procurement law must be amended, as a legal opinion commissioned by the two Duisburg institutions and prepared by the law firm Kopp-Assenmacher & Nusser already stated in 2020.

The European Parliament’s own-initiative report, under the auspices of the Environment Committee, adopted numerous demands on the basis of the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy of March 2020. These include the promotion of resource efficiency, the eco-design directive for products and green public procurement. For the construction industry, requirements include the use of secondary raw materials and recycling. The Parliament’s proposals serve as a template for legislation by the European Commission. | |


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